ABC Biohazard, Suicide and Murder Clean-up Services

Our Biohazard cleanup service employs the latest technology, equipment and supplies available. We train our biohazard cleanup technicians on a regular basis to ensure we are employing the best practices in the field. Every scene will have it's own unique set of circumstances. Because of this, our technicians have their own network of resources to pull from, should the need arise. We have certified supervisors and all of our technicians are trained and certified. All of this is just a glimpse of what we instill into every biohazard scene cleaned. If you are in need of a biohazard cleanup call Toll Free 855-439-5000

Suicide Cleanup

Action Bio-Care specializes in suicide cleaning or suicide cleanup. This is by far the most sensitive type of cleanup we do. We have minimized markings on our service vehicles, just the required DOT, OSHA or State markings to ensure anonymity. A suicide cleanup is often traumatic and the biohazards left at the scene can be overwhelming. For many reasons, it is best to call in a professional suicide cleanup team when facing a suicide cleanup or accidental shooting. Action Bio-Care is Licensed, Certified and Insured. If you are in need of a suicide cleanup service call Toll Free 855-439-5000

Blood Cleanup

We specialize in the disinfecting of properties and automobiles after a blood or bodily fluid spill. A Blood Cleanup can be from an, accident, injury or worse case from a death. Action Bio-Care's technicians are certified in blood cleanup procedures. We follow OSHA's Bloodborne pathogens standard for blood clean up procedures. We also cleanup after the following scenes; unattended death cleanup, natural deaths, crime scene cleanup, tear gas, suicide cleaning and biohazards. We are Licensed, Certified and Insured. If you are in need of a blood cleanup service call Toll Free 855-439-5000